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Are you tired of giving your money away to ruthless brokers?

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We do the stock analysis for you, providing signals presumably not less than 90% in winning rate.


FX Basic Edu

We teach basics on how to trade in relation to the capital you have in your trading account with our most preferred platforms (MT4/MT5). We give you realistic tips that are meant to help you secure your capital and make profit.

FX News

News from all around the world to help you forecast your trades. We provide non-biased business news from reliable sources so you never miss trading opportunities

FX Signals

We do the stock analysis for you providing signals presumably not less than 90% in winning rate for trading days (24/5). We alongside you and update you also on trades that are already open.

Options Live Trade Execution

Trading binary options giving you problems? Come execute live trades alongside us. Be connected and watch us execute trades in real-time and copy our strategies


About Candlestick

CandlestickMarkets offers realistic and highly effective tools to help traders make lots of profits in forex trading. We are dedicated to giving effective trading strategies, trading news and signals to our customers. We are a team composed of brilliant and experienced traders who understand the forex market and are passionate about making others successful traders.

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